Parent and Child Cooking Club

Nine children from year 1 have been busy cooking with their grownups after school on a Friday as part of the parent and child cooking club.  They have been learning how to cook rock cakes and will soon be making biscuits and mini quiches with just a little help from their adult.  The children have learnt that they need to carefully read the recipe and then make sure they measure the right amount of ingredients to make sure their food is tasty.  They have all been fantastic and have got stuck into mixing ingredients with their hands and making sure all the washing up is done at the end! 


We hope to run the club again next year so that more people can take part as it has been a great success.  Thank you to all the children and adults that have taken part this time.


This is what the children said..................

Cullum said "I like coming because I get to make some delicious food. I like putting my hands in the mixture!"


Hayden said "I enjoyed coming and would like to come again."


Isabella said "I want to go to cooking club again"


This is what the parents said............

It was an experience coming to the class and seeing the children enjoying the measuring and mixing and most importantly eating the goodies!


We really enjoyed it and would love to do it again. It is great fun and good to do it with your child.


Isabella and I had lots of fun! We would love to do it again