School Uniform

We believe that encouraging high personal standards of our school uniform helps to give children a sense of pride in their school and a sense of belonging within the community.


Red sweatshirt with logo

White polo shirt/shirt, blouses

Grey/Charcoal trousers, skirt or pinafore

Grey/white/black socks or tights

Red and white checked summer dresses

Appropriate and sensible black flat shoes


PE is an essential part of your child’s education therefore a full PE kit is also extremely important. Your child’s PE bag needs to include:- 

Black shorts

White t-shirt

Plimsolls or trainers

Plain Black jogging bottoms

Our uniform is deliberately simple to ensure that it is reasonably priced, easy for children to dress themselves and easily laundered. The red sweatshirt, book bags and PE kit plus various other items are available at PMG school wear on the high street in Poole or online at


Please remember to name all school uniform as one red jumper looks much the same as another. If your child should happen to lose anything lost property is located in the entrance hall.


Guidance for Schools is through the British Association of Advisors and Lecturers in Physical Education [BAALPE].

“The wearing of jewellery, earrings and ear-studs (metal or plastic) should not be permitted on safety grounds during Physical Education lessons and sporting activities. The taping of earrings is also a possible danger and is not allowed for the same reasons.”

“Pupils should be encouraged to leave items of jewellery and earrings at home on days when they have Physical Education lessons. An exception to this rule is when a child’s ears have been newly pierced. Medical advice confirms that a maximum of 6 weeks is needed for newly pierced ears to heal. Thereafter it is in order for earrings and sleepers to be removed for Physical Education lessons”.If you are planning to allow your child to have their ears pierced in the near future, we would politely suggest that the summer holidays is a suitable time.

Provide your child with the appropriate uniform

Please remember to:

  • Ensure that everything is named
  • Avoid extreme hair-cuts
  • Ensure that only stud earrings are worn in the interests of Health and Safety.
For ordering school uniform online please go to School Trends