Year 2

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February 2018

Year Two have finally landed back in 2018 with a bang! We’d love to tell you all about our time travelling trip but we’d hate to spoil the surprise… Instead, we invite you to come to our ‘Living Museum’ on Wednesday 7th February at 1.45 pm so that you can see for yourselves exactly what life in London in 1666 was like. There will be flower making workshops, a bakery demonstration and you will even have the opportunity to meet somebody special who travelled back from 1666 with us! The children have all been working extremely hard to put this event together and they make fantastic tour guides!

After the half term break, we will be starting our new topic ‘Through the Looking Glass’ which we have a feeling could get curiouser and curiouser…

Thank you once again for your continued supported, it is always greatly appreciated!
The Year Two team

November 2017

The Year 2 children have returned this week with a BANG! As part of our Let’s Explore work we have been holding a Festival of Light and have learnt about Bonfire Night. The children have had great fun creating Firework pictures whilst learning all about the story of the Gunpowder plot, as well as learning how to keep safe around fireworks. As we move into next week the temperature is about to plummet as we head to the Arctic as part of Frozen Planet. So watch this space!
The children will be coming home today with their new spelling list having been ‘quizzed’, we are really impressed with the progress that many children have made in one term. We ask that you continue to learn these at home as it is having a positive impact on the children’s work in school.
We have booked two share times this term. The first will be on Wednesday 15th November at 9am in the school hall and will look at how we teach addition and subtraction in Year 2, so please drop your child off as normal and make your way to the hall via the Office. The second one will be on Tuesday 28th November from 2.20pm in the hall for a Frozen Planet craft session. We look forward to seeing you all there!

All our Year 2 children loved their special Chocolate Day on Friday! What fun they had tasting cocoa nibs, making fruit kebabs to dip into the chocolate fountain and lots of other fun activities. 

October 2017

The children have had mouth-watering fun learning all about chocolate! We have learnt about where chocolate comes from, we now know it isn’t originally from a chocolate factory. We have also looked at Pop Art and still life artwork and recreated our own (it was hard work to resist the temptation to eat the mini chocolates!). On top of this we have learnt all about continents and have investigated how materials behave if we try to squash them. Our topic is about to come to a conclusion on Friday with a morning of ‘Chocolate Fun’ exploring melting, tasting and making our own chocolate creations!! Year 2 have impressed their teachers with their work on the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we can’t wait to read their own versions later this week!
Please can I thank those parents/carers who are regularly attending the reading room and politely ask those who are yet to visit to try and pop along, as we would love all the children to be part of the Reading challenge. We have also noted a large number of children are still not coming to school with a water bottle or book bag, please can you ensure they are in every day. I hate to mention the ‘c’ word but Christmas is just around the corner - we are booked to perform a Carol Concert at St Johns Church, Ashley Road on Monday 11 December at 3.45 pm. More details to follow.

September 2017

A warm welcome back to all the Year Two children. They have all returned looking well rested and excited to get back into the swing of school and are eager to find out what surprises and new experiences await them in Year 2! On a personal note it has been lovely to see how far the children have come since our EYFS days and what responsible learners they have continued to become.

As we move through the next few weeks to get the children’s taste buds tingling we are going to begin learning all about CHOCOLATE (the adults’ specialist subject!) We are keen to work with you to ensure your child’s final year at Sylvan is a memorable one and would like to invite you to attend our Meet the Team meeting next Thursday (21st September) at 2.30pm