French Club

October 2016

Thank you to all children who have shown an interest in and attended French Club this Half Term.

What a successful start we have had!


All children have enjoyed participating in our greeting activity 'Toc, toc, toc!' which I am sure they will be able to demonstrate to you at home. Some fabulous French singing voices came out for our 'Arc on Ciel' (Rainbow) song in the first and second week with all the children willing to have a go.... super stuff!

The children have carried out a variety of games and activities around our themes this half term of colours and numbers 1-10. These include hot potato with colours, Jacques-a-dit (French version of 'Simon says') and 'Montrez-moi...' (Show me...) - a flashcard game with colours.


The children each now have a folder, so that they can build up a collection of their wonderful language work and activities over the course of the term. At the end of the year, they will be able to bring this home and show you their amazing French!


Next week we will be bringing in items in a certain colour to photograph for our French display in school and participating in some yummy crepe-tasting to get a bit of a feel for French life!

A letter is coming out to all those involved regarding this.


With an ever pressing waiting list, if your child has expressed an interest and has not yet got a place, you will be notified as soon as a place becomes available.


Bien fait toutes les enfants!


Madame Ray

November 2016

 "Bonjour tout le monde!

 As we turn to chillier weather, here's a warm hello from French Club! We have an exciting half term ahead and will be getting festive with our French, in the lead up to Christmas... 


This term, in the spirit of the season, our themes will be family and age. Children will learn nouns for names of family members, including grandparents and any step parents etc where necessary and be able to talk about who they have in their family/ at home, using their super French language skills. We will learn how to ask and answer questions about age and birthdays, whilst continuing our fun activities and games on colours and numbers.


Children will play a good old blockbusters style game in teams and in the run up to Christmas we will be singing seasonal songs and learning all about 'Noel en France' .



 Madame Ray

December 2016

“Wishing you a ‘Joyeux Noël’ from French Club!


The children have had fun this term playing games of hot potato, blockbusters French style and also singing belles chansons (beautiful songs!)


We have been counting in French and learning nouns for names of family members; making a little booklet each about our families using our new language and watched a funny BBC schools song about a very amusing grandmother! Find it here:


There are many other fun French games, songs, listening and learning activities on the BBC schools website. Do check it out! As the festive celebrations lie ahead, we turn to exploring what Christmas is like in France in our last session.




Madame Ray