Learning Behaviours

Did you know that we can continually develop our capacity to learn in new and challenging circumstances throughout our life?

In the developing field of learning to learn, research suggests that there are several broad dispositions we need to develop in order to become successful learners.


We want to give all our children the opportunity to develop their learning behaviours to become successful lifelong learners.   Over this coming year we want to introduce the children to our five learning behaviours as developed by professor Guy Claxton in his research 'Expanding the Capacity to Learn'.

Guy Claxton is one of the UK’s leading experts on the development of young people’s learning and creative capacities.



At Sylvan we are all passionate about learning. We want our children to become curious about learning, to be motivated to learn, engaged in their learning and thinking about their learning. 

Our five learning powers are:

Team Player

Be willing to learn alone and with others

Awareness of others, e.g. take turns, share resources, good listening, etc

Developing emotional intelligence

Ability to adapt your role within a team



Ask questions & self assess

Show awareness of problems, challenges & successes

Make links and know next steps & improvements

Evaluate to move learning forward 



Sticking with it

Accept learning is sometimes challenging

Persevere and recover from set backs

Manage distractions– maintain concentration

Accepting mistakes as part of learning



Knowing how to organise yourself

Knowing how to get started

Confidence to collect what’s needed

Organising and looking after the learning environment


Problem Solver

Drawing on resources to assist the learning situation

Drawing on strategies

Thinking creatively outside the box

Using your imagination

Taking a risk

Being brave

Each week our children will get to understand one learning behaviour through assembly time and during lesson time. Rocky the Red Squirrel is going to help us get to know these learning behaviours really well. Rocky and his brothers and sisters have come to stay with us from Brownsea Island. Mrs Steele even went to Brownsea Island to collect them all!

Every Friday in celebration assembly a child from each class who has been demonstrating the learning power focus for the week is presented with Rocky to take home for the weekend.