Mrs Leppard is our Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) and Pastoral Care Worker

Please contact Mrs Leppard via the school office if you need to speak with her

Mrs Leppard

Pastoral Care


In order to help children learn their best, schools have a vital role to play to help children to become resilient and mentally healthy. Children learn best when they feel safe, and have a good sense of self-esteem and confidence.  The aim of pastoral care work is to provide emotional and practical support to children who might be struggling with difficulties either at home or at school. Early support to strengthen resilience before more complex mental health problems occur is the main driver of our pastoral care support work here at Sylvan. 

At Sylvan we understand that all children manage their emotions in different ways. Some children might need some extra support to help them through difficulties at home, including parental separation, bereavement, moving house or the birth of a sibling. It could be friendship issues at school or problems with managing anger. We want to support your child through any issue that causes your child to feel unhappy in school or at home.

Our Work involves:

  • Providing one to one support to children
  • Working with groups of children on issues such as self-esteem, friendship, behaviour or social skills
  • Working with teachers in ensuring good support in class
  • Supporting parents with family difficulties through meetings in school and signposting to support in the local community.


How It Works

Any child in the school can speak to Mrs Leppard if they have a problem or worry at school or at home. They can do this by asking their teacher or approaching Mrs Leppard in school. There is a box outside Mrs Leppards room that children can put their name into if they want to talk about anything.

Parents or teachers can come to talk if they have a concern about a child.   You can arrange a time by calling in to the school office.