Allergen Report

Due to Changes in Legislation in December 2014 we are now required to publish details of allergens contained within any food provided to your children by the school or third parties on our behalf.

This includes:

  • Breakfast Club
  • Hot School Meals
  • Any cookery or tasting classes and;
  • Any other organised event where food will be supplied


Breakfast Club

Details of all consumables served at our Breakfast club along with details of allergens which they contain can be found here.


Hot School Meals

We use Chartwell’s Creative Kitchen to provide our hot school meals. For further information please visit Chartwells website: 


School Trips

When your children are going to be out on a trip over the lunch period they will either have a packed lunch which has been provided by yourselves or we will have ordered the packed lunch alternative to the hot meal for those children having school meals – details of which can also be found on the above link.


Other Occasions where food may be available

Your children may on occasion take part in cookery classes as well as food tasting as part of their topics. Where this has been organised will we contact you in advance to provide you with information on the foods that will be used and any allergens contained within this food.

To protect children we will also require the return of a permission slips in order for your child/children to participate in such activities. We will attach this to the bottom of any such correspondence.