Coronavirus Update - Thursday 19th

19th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

I am sure you are now aware that UK schools will be closing on Friday at the end of the school day (after school clubs will go ahead if the provider is well).  Following the briefing the Federation will continue schooling for those children with parents that are considered as Keyworkers. At this time our Academy trust has confirmed the list that are considered to be Keyworkers at this this time and as detailed below:

  • National health service
  • School Staff
  • Armed forces
  • Care home worker
  • Social workers
  • Police officers
  • Prison officers
  • Fire fighters
  • Environmental health officers
  • Highways Agency workers
  • Supermarket workers
  • Delivery drivers

Where there is a key worker but there is another parent/carer that is not, it is not expected that the child(ren) will be in school.

Please can I remind you to email  and inform us if you fit into this category and will require educational provision once school closes. I am also looking to work with Kidscape to ensure there is wraparound provision for Keyworkers.

Kind Regards


Suzy Hayward

Livingstone Road Infant School, Livingstone Road, Poole, Dorset, BH12 3DT

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