Livingstone Road Primary Federation Meeting Dates 2018 - 2019

Local Governing Body 5pm Resources 4.15pm Monitoring Mornings 8.30am - 11.30am
Weds 19th September (BHJS)    
Weds 17th October (BHJS) Weds 3rd October (BHJS)  
  Weds 21st November (SIS) Wednesday 28th November Meet at BHJS 
Weds 12th December (SIS)    
  Mon 21st January (BHJS)  
Weds 6th February (BHJS) Tues 12th Febuary (BHJS) Thursday 21st March Meet at SIS
Weds 3rd April (SIS) Weds 27th March (SIS)  
Weds 22nd May (BHJS) Tues 14th May (BHJS)  
  Tues 18th June (SIS) Tuesday 25th June Meet at BHJS
Tues 16th July (SIS)    

These dates may be subject to change and additional meeting may be arranged, as required.