Livingstone Federation Summary Register of Business Interests

Name Governor Type Date of Appointement Term of Office Date Stepped Down Appointed by Business & Pecuniary Interest Governance Roles in other Educational Institution Material interests arising from relationships between governors and school staff
Diane Annear Co-opted 12/12/18 3 years   Federation None None None
Carol Brown Staff Governor 18/10/18 3 years   Federation Employed by Livingstone Federation    
Bert Buckley Co-opted 18/10/18 3 years   Federation None None None
Justine Collinson Ex-officio 1/9/18 -   - None None None
Diana Crisp Co-opted 1/1/15 4 years   Federation None None None
Anna Harris Co-opted 12/12/18 3 years   Parent Election None None None
Suzy Hayward Co-opted 6/9/17 -   Federation None None None
Sandra Mackrow Parent Governor 4/2/15 4 Years   Parent Election None None None
Louise Newman Clerk 1/9/17 -     None None None
Wendy Olive Co-opted 17/7/18 4 years   Federation None None None
Quenten Walker Co-opted 18/10/18 2 years   Federation Director of Fitkid Ltd None None
Darryl Walsh Ex-officio 1/1/15 -   Federation Step-father - plumbing company None Wife employed as supply teacher


Anna Harris, Chair of Governors and Co-opted Governor

I first started volunteering as a Parent Governor in 2008. I am assistant manager of a local disability rights organisation, supporting adults who have a learning disability to speak up for themselves.  I also hold a Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector.  I am passionate about making a difference and working together to give the children in our local community the very best start in life.

Wendy Olive, Vice-chair of Governors and Co-opted Governor

I have been a governor for over ten years, initially as a parent governor at Branksome Heath and later as a co-opted governor of the federation.  I have been volunteering at my daughters’ schools for the past 15 years and have taken a keen interest in their education.  I want to ensure that children from our local community have the best possible opportunities to be the best they can be and reach their full potential.

Quenten Walker, Co-opted Governor

I have been a governor since 1990.  During that time I have been a governor at five schools in the Poole area.  I have not only been Chair of Governors on more than one occasion, but I have also chaired many committees and been Chair of Poole Governors’ Forum.  Making a difference, no matter how small, it what is most important to me.

Carol Brown, Staff Governor

I am part of the admin team in the office at Sylvan.  I became a governor in 2008 and greatly enjoy the role of 'critical friend', providing both challenge and support to our Primary Federation. Through all the challenges that governance brings, I try to draw on my background in education and my experience as a parent in order to champion the people at the heart of the schools: the pupils and staff.

Bert Buckley, Chair of Resources Committee and Co-opted Governor

I first became a governor in 2014.  My background is in construction and further education, with expertise in HR.  My interest is Maths and, having taught school leavers Maths, I realise the importance of a strong foundation on those essential skills from an early age.

Diana Crisp, Monitoring responsibility for Achievement, Co-opted Governor

I have been a governor since the federation began in 2015 and was a governor at Sylvan prior to that.  I am very committed to working for the federation and now with the Hamwic Education Trust.  I have been a teacher for 30 years, 23 of those in Poole.  I now work with student teachers linked to a university, and mentor them when they are on teaching practice.  This has helped me to keep up to date with new government policies.

Sandra Mackrow, Parent Governor

I was a governor at both Sylvan and Branksome Heath before the two schools federated.  I am a mum to six children who have all attended both schools and now my grandson is following in their footsteps.  I have strong links within the local community and am proactive in supporting many areas of school life, including the PTFA.  I value education and follow my children through their educational journey, seeing and understanding the federation’s changes and challenges, and also working to give something back.