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At Sylvan Infant School we recognise that children all have individual needs and our aim is to provide a happy, stimulating environment, where everybody is valued and encouraged to fulfil their potential. As a federation, we believe in promoting the whole child; learning; inspiration and unity across our federation. We do this through our curriculum, assemblies and our involvement with the community.

We always seek to engage our pupils in a rich, varied and balanced programme which both meets and exceeds the statutory requirements of the curriculum. We To help us achieve this, we group the foundation subjects of History, Geography, Art, Physical Education and Design & Technology into broad topics which promote the transfer of skills between multiple aspects of the curriculum, particularly concepts taught separately in English and Maths. This allows children to make connections between subjects and deepen their understanding. Due to the very specific requirements of RE, Languages, PE, Computing and PSHE these subjects are taught individually, although links are made to topic activities wherever possible.

This rigorously planned approach both imparts knowledge and nurtures a passion for learning. At all times we aim to inspire our children, help them to understand the relevance of their learning and provide them with a purpose for all that they do. We achieve this by equipping the children with core knowledge, giving them a voice, and planning exciting learning activities & opportunities for each topic. These might include: visits from specialists, trips, events, and exhibitions of work.

Through the curriculum we aim to develop 5 learning powers which we believe are key to a child's future success: The development of resilience, independence, reflection, problem solving and team work. We are confident that the children will go on to learn, laugh, dream and grow during their time with us.

We encourage parents to take an active part in their child’s education. To achieve this, teachers regularly send home a Topic Overview, which identifies activities the children will be engaging in during the coming half term. Parents will also be invited into school to see aspects of their work, attend collective acts of worship or to support with special events.

Sylvan Infant School, Livingstone Road, Poole, Dorset, BH12 3DT

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