Year 2

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September 2016

A warm welcome back to all the Year Two children.

They have all returned looking well rested and excited to get back into the swing of school and are eager to find out what surprises and new experiences await them in Year 2!

On a personal note it has been lovely to see how far the children have come since our EYFS days and what responsible learners they have continued to become.

As we move through the next few weeks to get the children’s taste buds tingling we
are going to be learning all about CHOCOLATE (the adults’ specialist subject!)

We are keen to work with you to ensure your child’s final year at Sylvan is a memorable
one and would like to invite you to attend our Meet the Team meeting on Wednesday
14th September at 2.30pm.

Thank you to all the parents who came along today to the Meet the Team meeting. It was lovely to see you all

October Update

The children have had mouth-wateringly fun learning all about chocolate!

We have learnt about where chocolate comes from, we now know it isn’t from the chocolate factory. We have looked at Pop Art and still life artwork and recreated our own (it was hard work to resist the temptation to eat the mini chocolates!). On top of this we have learnt all about continents and have investigated how materials behave if we try to squash, bend, twist and stretch them. Our topic has finished with a morning of ‘Chocolate Fun’ exploring melting chocolate, tasting chocolate and making our own!! Year 2 have impressed their teachers with their work on the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we can’t wait to read their own versions.

Now we are about to become tour guides as we move into our topic Neighbourhood watch!

Please can I ask parents/carers to continue to take children to the reading room, we would love all the children to be part of the Reading challenge. We have also noted a large number of children are still not coming to school with a water bottle or book bag, please can you ensure they are in every day. I hate to mention the ‘c’ word but Christmas is just around the corner - we are hoping to perform a Carol Concert at one of the local churches and will confirm the date as soon as we have it.


November 2016

The Year 2 children have returned this week with a BANG! As part of our Let’s Explore work we have been holding a Festival of Light and have learnt about the stories behind the Hindu celebration, Diwali and Bonfire Night. The children have had great fun creating Rangoli patterns, learning the story of Rama and Sita, creating Firework pictures whilst learning all about the story of the Gunpowder plot, as well as learning how to keep safe around fireworks. As we move into next week the temperature is about to plummet as we head to the Arctic as part of Frozen Planet. So watch this space!

Thank you to all of you who attended our parents evenings this week, it was great to see so many of you. As we mentioned during our meetings this is a busy year for our Year 2 children and any additional work you can do at home with your child will be great. If you did not receive a set of question prompts to discuss with your child when they are reading at home or a spelling sheet at your meeting, or you would just like another one, then please do not hesitate to ask your class teacher.

I briefly mentioned the word Christmas in our last blurb. I am pleased to confirm with you that the Year 2 children will be performing a carol concert at St Johns church on Tuesday 13th December at 3.45pm, more details to follow.


Share Time

Thank you to all the parents who came to share time today (15.11) It was great to see so many of you and be able to share you child's books with you.


Explorer Visit 15.11.16

We had an Arctic Explorer visit us to tell us all about how to survive in the extreme cold.

We learnt all about the different animals that live in the cold and the differences between the Arctic and Antarctica.We even got to try  on some of his Arctic kit!

Share Time 29.11.16

We hope you enjoyed making penguins today! 

December Update

WOW, We can’t believe we are writing the last blurb before we break up for Christmas. The children have learnt so much in all areas of the curriculum this term and have loved exploring the Arctic and Antarctica as part of their Frozen Planet topic! They have enjoyed looking at the different animals that live in these frozen habitats, have begun to get to grips with simple food chains and have explored the oceans of the world.

We have an exciting few weeks coming up with our trip to the Lighthouse on Friday 9th December and our carol concert at St John’s Church at 3.45pm on Tuesday 13th December. It has been great fun working together to get the concert ready and we hope that you can all join us.  Just reminder that we will be walking the children from school to the church, so please just meet us there.

 We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all back relaxed and refreshed in 2017!!


January 2017


January Update

Year 2 have had fantastic term learning all about the Great Fire of London during their ‘London’s Burning!’ Topic. We have been immersed in the life of people on Pudding Lane in 1666 and transported through the events of the fire from beginning to end. The children have written a diary entry based on the work of Samuel Pepys himself and letters to the King informing him of changes they expect to see happen in London as a result of the devastating fire. We have concluded the topic with some structural engineering and have built Stuart houses ready to recreate London’s Burning with the help of Mr Lennox. Please feel free to join us on Thursday 8th February at 8.40am -9am to look at the incredible work that the children have completed this term.


June 2017

First of all I would like to congratulate the children on their excellent behaviour during our ‘Quizzes’ and would like to say how proud they have made the Year 2 staff. As we move into the final term in Year 2, we are beginning to look forward to some exciting events; there will be a variety of transition activities taking place over the coming weeks to support the children’s move to their new Junior schools, but also our Trip to Winchester Science Museum on Tuesday 4th July and Wednesday 5th July (you should have already received a letter regarding this) and also our Leavers Performance on Wednesday 19th July at 9am and 2pm, more information to follow at a later date.

This term our topic is ‘Best of British’ and the children have already had the opportunity to listen to some famous British bands and artists, as well as take part in a fun ‘Dance through the generations’ class with Miss Burn in which they all had a fabulous time. We are moving on to looking at our Royal Family and how Elections are carried out, they will even get the chance to write their own manifesto and deliver it to their peers!

Year 2 Leavers Disco

All the children who came to the leavers disco had great fun dancing with their friends!