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All the Reception children enjoyed their bug hunt yesterday. We hope the children have been hooked into our next topic 'The Circle of Life'

A very exciting week for Early Years, on Monday a bus came to the school so that Early Years could go on, get their tickets and ask the bus driver a few questions! On Wednesday Andy from Grease Monkez Garage visited, Andy showed the children how to replace a tire on a car and how to pump a tyre up!

September 2016

Team EYFS would like to say a HUGE welcome to all the new children and their grown-ups!

Considering the extremely short time, the children have been with us they have already begun to settle well and are finding their way around.

Friendships and memories have started to be made and will only continue to flourish over the coming school year. The children will be taking part in a ‘How to…’ topic over the next few weeks where they will be learning ‘how to’ complete different tasks and activities to help them become more independent.

Keep your eyes peeled for an invitation to the outcome of the topic.
EYFS ‘Share Time’ is an opportunity for you to come into the class and join in with or look at things your child has been learning about- we will be starting this as soon as the children are fully settled and ready.

Dates and details will be sent out in advance to ensure you have plenty of time to ensure as many of you can join as possible.

We look forward to working in partnership with all our new Sylvan families over the coming year.

October Update

EYFS are really into the swing of school life and the children are taking it all in their stride. They have all been busy preparing for their first outcome- The Gallery Sale on Friday 21st October from 2.40. Please try to bring the correct money (or close too). The money raised will be used for the EYFS outside area, as well as other things the children wish for.

Other dates for your diaries: Share time on Thursday 3rd November (8.40-8.55)- come and learn about our cursive handwriting and have a go with your child.
Share time on Thursday 24th November (8.40-8.55)- come and watch a Talk for Writing performance of the story we have been learning.

Thank you to all who have been to the reading room- we have had some EYFS children up on stage in celebration assembly already receiving their first reward. Please continue to go as much as you can and if you haven’t been yet please do- it is located just past the year 1 classes (follow the crowds!)

The children in EYFS are on Pink and Lilac books (not purple) and the class teacher will let you know when to move onto a different colour level. Happy reading! We try very hard to promote independence early on in EYFS so, after half term we will not be taking items out of book bags (this includes homework folders, yellow reading records and letters etc). Please remind and encourage your child to take these out themselves. We have made it easy for them with a yellow tray in each class for the reading records and a purple tray for the homework folders.


November Update 

To start we would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came to our gallery sale and purchased your child's masterpieces- we have raised almost £250 which will be put back into the outdoor environment and writing opportunities for the children. Keep an eye out for the new additions soon!

Another thank you to those who came to the first Share Time of the year with the handwriting focus- we hope you found it useful and a great chance to work alongside your child.
There is a Talk for Writing Share Time on Thursday 24th November when the doors open at 8.40- we look forward to seeing you there too.

With some feedback from parents evening about phonics, we have decided to add an additional Share Time this half term on Thursday 1st December. This will be a chance to come in and see part of a phonics (RML) lesson and join in with some activities with your child.

Christmas will soon be round the corner—until then EYFS will be learning about dinosaurs and space with the book The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet. We will also have an extra special 'Cat in the Hat' rhyming week all before our 'Jingle all the way' topic at the end of term. Prepare yourself for the GLITTER!

This term will be rounded off with the fantastic nativity productions: Chestnut and Holly on Monday 12th at 9.30 and Elm, Fir and Rowan on Tuesday 13th at 9.30.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Also a huge thank you to all the parents that came to the EYFS Art Gallery Sale and brought precious pieces of art by some unique artists. It was a great success!

December Update

The Nativity is just around the corner and we want to make it as special as we can, so we will be keeping the children's' parts secret until the big day- but do not worry you do not have to sort any costumes as we have them all!

Thank you to those who have purchased the Nativity photo magnets, they will be home with you before we finish for the holidays.

 Share time dates for next half term will be:

Thursday 5th January 2.45pm - a chance to come and see all the work in your child's WOW folders

Thursday 19th January 8.40 - Phonics Fun!

 Thank you to everyone who has been helping their child learn to read the tricky sight words we have been sending home every fortnight.  We have been checking the words your child is secure in recognising and will do so again next half term so please keep learning them.  If you need any ideas of fun ways and games to help remember them, please speak to the class teacher.  

 In January our first project will be a week full of everything arty!  If anyone has any old (big) shirts or t-shirts we could use to protect our clothes, then please send them in.

After the art week EYFS will become healthy heroes and will then end the term learning all about China just in time for Chinese New Year.

 A final thank you for all the continued support you have shown so far this year.  We hope have a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing you all again in 2017!! Team EYFS 


 January 2017


January Update

Sylvan Superheroes has come to an end but the children are now even more Helpful, Healthy and Fit and Strong!  We had visits from a Police man and Fireman which were both very exciting and helped us understand why they are real life superheroes.  Every day we received video messages from 3 superheroes- Captain Helpful, Active Girl and Healthy Lady setting us challenges to ensure we could become the best heroes around!


Kung hei fat choy- that’s Happy New Year in Chinese.  This week we have begun our journey to China.  On Monday we board Sylvan Airlines and travelled to China.  From this we have been learning all China and Chinese New Year.  All of the children will have the opportunity to learn Chinese dances with fans and ribbons, take part in some tai chi, sample Chinese food and learn about the culture.  We look forward to seeing all the Chinese lanterns you have been making at home to decorate the hall for Festival Day which is on Thursday 9th February (please send these into school by Wednesday 8th February).  On that Thursday the children can wear something red (see poster for more details). 


Thank you for all the wonderful WOW moments you have been sending in- we love to read them so please keep them coming J  from this week we will be sending out a focus for the WOW moments.  The focus will change every few weeks, however this does not mean you cannot send in WOWs about everything else too.

February 2017

Share Time Thursday 9th March 2017.Thank you to everyone who came today.

June 2017

The last half term seemed to fly by with lots packed into it. The trip to Adventure Wonderland was fantastic with exceptional behaviour from all the children. Thank you to all those who helped!

As we come into our last half term we will be doing mini topics and preparing ourselves for Year 1. There is a big focus on letter formation and number formation to ensure the children are fully ready for their transition into Key Stage 1, so please help your children with this at home. The next few weekend challenges will focus on this to help prepare your child to have the best start to Year 1.

This term we are starting off with a topic based around the book Michael Recycle where we are learning about how we can look after our environment and recycle and reuse things. We will be inviting you all in to take part in our ‘Swap Shop’ outcome next Thursday 15th June in the afternoon/ after school in the hall. Details to follow.

We will then be moving on to a topic called ‘The Journey’, again looking at supporting transition as well as focusing on our dreams and imagination.

Thank you again for the continued support and to those who attended parents evening.

Thank you to all those who came to the EYFS Swap Shop and got themselves a new toy!